Frequently asked questions


How do we work?

Traficator function as a partner to the purchase department and identifies the needs, quality and detailed requirments that the delivery needs to meet. Our objective is to find the most cost efficient and reliable suppliers through our network and contacts. Read more about how we work under The Process


What are the major benefits to cooperate with us?


Reduction of the supplier database.

Competitive prices.


What does it cost to engage Traficator?


There are no costs involved during the development process. It is not until we have delivered approved outturn samples that we charge for the models and samples.


Will I be able to visit the supplier myself?

If you want to visit the supplier we will gladly arrange a visit. Several of our clients have made visits at our present suppliers.


How can I become supplier?

We are constantly looking for new suppliers to expand our range of products and services. You are welcome to submit your interest and company information to us.