Over the years we have established close relationship with our suppliers, whom have solid knowledge and experiences from casting and machining of metal parts. Our producers have excellent knowledge to meet our clients requirements. We work with our suppliers and take pride in delivering on time, and at the lowest cost, without compromising quality.


We specialise in different metals, such as steel,alloy steel, aluminum, grey and ductile iron, and also bronze and copper. We are also able to offer complete models and special machines for low- and high pressure die casting and also all types of forging in different metals. We also have CNC machining and of course traditional  machining like milling, drilling, grinding and turning and we also undertake all manner surface treatments.. All backed by our ISO9000:2008 certification, for your complete satifaction.

The process always begins with a demand from the client. It can be a completely new part or a wish to move the production to a new supplier. When we receive the drawings and any other documents, such as special specifications or standards, we review all documents. Often we meet with the client to discuss any questions and to ensure that we have perceived the assignment correctly.


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Our suppliers range of equimpent extend from simple machines to modern multi-operational machines. We offer all types of metal working, such as milling, drilling, grinding, turning. We are also able to offer welded constructions, steel sheet parts from punching or laser cutting and much more.


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We can deliver high quality machined castings, in big or small quantities. If demanded, we are able to assist with heat treatment, CNC-machining, surface treatments, painting and assembly.





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Over the years we have manufactured plastic products and we still have a couple of products in production. The products are suitable for outdoor use and resistant to both weather and wind.

Today we have to different products that are produced in Sweden and are distributed by wholesale to most of the Nordic countries.


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