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Traficator has 30 years experience in sourcing all types of ferrous and non-ferrous castings , we source namely Poland, India and China. With our wealth of experience our clients are assured of top quality products working closely with our suppliers. This is comforting for our clients and it is our client's specific requirements that guides our work. Our ultimate aim is to lower costs and exceed our clients expectations, with a minimum cost reduction of 25 percent.

Traficator has been working with material sourcing since the middle of the 80's. We started out with production in Poland, and know we have widened our network as far afield as Asia. Our strengths lie in sourcing globally and our network of suppliers spans world.

We are able to deliver most metal products like, cast steel, aluminium, sand, gravity die, and pressure die castings, all grade of cast iron, including ductile iron. We undertake all types of surface treatments. Bronze and copper machined to high specification. We are also able to source steel fabrication, stampings steel and sheet metal, we source all manufactured parts.







We are helping children in need  by a contribution to UNICEF


The process always starts with a clients need. It can be a completely new product or a desire to move the production to a new supplier. After receiving all drawings and additional documents and specifications, we review the material. We often book a meeting with the client to discuss any questions and insure that we have perceived the mission correctly.

Traficator is your contact and contractor through the whole deal, from development of patterns and samples right through series production. This means that the client places their purchase orders with us, and we take care of the production, quality, and delivery of the final product.



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Over the years we have established close relationship with our suppliers, whom have solid knowledge and experiences from casting and machining of metal parts. Our producers have excellent knowledge to meet our clients requirements. We work with our suppliers and take pride in delivering on time, and at the lowest cost, without compromising quality.


sand, pressure, automatic and precision in cast iron, steel, aluminum and copper etc.

Machining / CNC to guarantee consistency in turning, milling, grinding. Stamping and welding and we also undertake all manner surface treatments. All backed by our ISO9000:2008 certification, for your complete satifaction.


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